In his captivating quest for gold, Parker and his team have ventured far from the familiar paths of Australia to explore the mystical golden triangle of Victoria. They trace the historical footsteps of the largest gold rush in Australia in 1851, hoping to unearth the marvelous gold deposits hidden deep within the earth.

  • Parker embarks on a gold prospecting journey in Australia, guided by a local named Ray Murray.
  • The expedition takes place in Victoria’s golden triangle, known for significant gold discoveries since the 1851 gold rush.
  • The team explores the area where the famous Welcome Stranger nugget was found, a massive gold specimen.
  • Parker aims to test the ground for gold using a mini wash plant and collaborates with a contact named Ray Murray.
  • The original Welcome Stranger nugget, though a replica, was melted into gold bars worth nearly 3 million U.S. dollars today.


 With their unique and relentless determination, Parker and his team have officially embarked on a journey through mountain peaks and valleys, heading towards the sacred sites documented in the history of Australian gold. There, the magnificence of “Welcome Stranger” and other colossal gold nuggets has unveiled a new world, where Parker’s emotions and expectations surge like endless waves in the golden deserts of Victoria.

“Welcome Stranger” Fun fact

“Welcome Stranger,” an icon of wealth and grandeur in the world of gold mining, is introduced as a colossal gold nugget, one of the most significant discoveries in the history of gold extraction in Australia. It was first unearthed in 1869 in Moliagul, a small town in the Victoria’s Golden Triangle region.

“Weighing approximately 2.3 tons, “Welcome Stranger” became the largest naturally occurring gold nugget ever mined. Discovered by two brothers, John Deason and Richard Oates, their modest gold hat suddenly became incredibly heavy as they realized the dream of any gold prospector – a substantial gold deposit with a record-breaking value.

Geological studies estimate that from the first major gold rush in Australia in 1851 to the present day, around two and a half thousand tons of gold have been extracted in the golden triangle of Victoria. While “Welcome Stranger” was officially melted down to create gold bars, its value persists through time, symbolizing wealth and magnificence in the history of gold mining in Australia.



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