“Ferrari Purosangue has not been around for long but has already become a unique star. Purosangue is not just a new model for Ferrari but will be a game changer to create a completely new segment”, Mr. Richard Kim – General Director of Supreme Auto shared.

On June 20, Supreme Auto – the genuine Ferrari distributor in Vietnam officially launched Purosangue to the Vietnamese elite, the first 4-door, 4-seater high-clearance car in the history of the Prancing Horse brand, promising to open create a completely new segment.


Purosangue means “horse” in Italian, affirming that this car possesses true Ferrari DNA with excellent performance, driving feel, and perfect comfort.

Ferrari Purosangue possesses more power than other cars in the same segment, which brings Ferrari’s unique exciting exhaust sound through the most characteristic naturally aspirated V12 engine block from Maranello.

With its modern design structure, elegant styling and sporty exterior, the Purosangue is a departure from other 4-seat, 4-door cars on the market that seamlessly blends with a luxurious cabin, providing space and comfort. Great amenities for users.

Ferrari Purosangue is a perfect answer to customers’ requests over the years for a 4-seat Ferrari car that “fits” the family. Purosangue was born with the DNA of the Prancing Horse logo, this is a 100% sports car with more spacious dimensions, more space and more flexibility.

Mr. Richard Kim – General Director of Supreme Auto shared: “Ferrari Purosangue has not appeared for long but has become a unique star on the world stage. Purosangue is not just a new model for Ferrari but will be a game changer to create a whole new segment.

We are very proud to introduce Purosangue in Vietnam, demonstrating our continuous efforts to bring the latest Ferrari cars and inspiring values to our customers.”

Purosangue is the second Ferrari model launched in Vietnam in 2023 after the 296 GTS car that was just introduced to the market in Q1.

According to Ferrari’s sales policy standards, customers who order a car through the official distributor – Supreme Auto can personalize their car with many options and special features with the Ferrari Taylor program. Made and Aterlier.

Ferrari celebrates 75 years with Purosangue – the first 4-door 4-seat car

After years of speculation from the global car industry, Ferrari finally introduced the Purosangue in the year of the 75th anniversary of the brand’s history. This first 4-door 4-seat car was launched in a magical atmosphere at Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico (Pisa) on September 13, 2022.

Many years ago, 2+2 cars (2-seat cars with 2 additional seats in the back) have played an important role in Ferrari’s strategy. Many Ferrari cars were born from the intelligent combination of performance and comfort that contributed to Ferrari’s success.

Now, with 75 years of researching only special technologies, Ferrari has created a car that is unique in the world: it is the perfect combination of performance and great driving pleasure along with convenience. The most luxurious, but at the same time it also clearly inherits the spirit of “Prancing Horse”.

To achieve big goals and create a car worthy of status and value, the Ferrari team built a completely different design with very creative proportions compared to modern GT models. (commonly known as crossovers and SUVs).

The engine of a GT car is usually located at the front of the car, almost attached to the front axle and transmission, which makes the weight distribution not optimized, thus driving agility and excitement. It is difficult to reach the level of excellence that customers and car lovers are familiar with on Prancing Horse cars.

Purosangue places the engine in the front half with the transmission in the rear for a sporty rear-axle drive combination. The Power Transfer Unit (PTU) is mounted at the front of the engine to provide 4×4 driving power, Maranello engineers have set the optimal weight distribution ratio at exactly 49:51 for a vehicle sports engine in the front half.

The Purosangue significantly outperforms the rest of the market thanks to its performance and amenities. This is the only car with this ratio allocation to the naturally aspirated V12 engine located in the front half.

The most traditional engine of the Maranello brand is configured to ensure that the car produces more power than any competitor in the same segment at 725 horsepower along with a mesmerizing and exciting engine sound. Furthermore, it also reaches 80% torque even at low rpm to ensure a full driving experience at any time.

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