2021 is a successful year for the Ferrari 488 GTE, winning many titles with drivers in the FIA WEC season. The two drivers who won in 2019, Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado, continued to bring home the championship for AF Corse with driver Côme Ledogar. Recently, the Ferrari brand launched the AF Corse 488 GTE right before season 10 of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

These cars are expected to accompany the drivers to continue defending the title that drivers Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado achieved last year in the LMGTE Pro class. Compared to the color of last year’s 488 GTE AF Corse race car, the exterior decoration of this race car is not too different from the car in this year’s season.

Some minor changes are mainly in the layout of sponsors’ stickers. At the same time, in the year of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Ferrari brand, the car company also equipped a specially designed commemorative logo on both sides of the racing car’s body. This logo will also be used throughout many car models as well as many events held in the brand’s 75th anniversary year.

The color of this year’s racing car is also inspired by the color of last year’s racing car. However, this season’s racing car has been designed with additional details to highlight the car’s aerodynamic design and is decorated with the typical Italian “tricolore” flag. The tricolore flag detail is expanded at the front of the car, gradually shrinking when extended to the rear. This detail is extended to the rear of the car, creating an eye-catching highlight.

In terms of overall design, the 488 GTE model used in this year’s season has an overall design similar to last year’s race car. The car model still maintains its aerodynamic design, the body is expanded and the large rear wing helps increase downforce for the car.

The race car duo has been tested and will be driven by drivers Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado, along with the duo Miguel Molina and Antonio Fuoco, who will conquer the world championship at the 1000 Miles of Sebring to be held from April 1. March 16 to 18, 2022. The team hopes that these racing cars will continue to accompany the racers to preserve the throne that the brand has established in the 2021 season.

Last year, the 24 Hours of Le Mans race ended with a resounding victory in the LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am categories with the Ferrari 488 GTE racing car. This memorable victory took place at the 89th 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is known as the oldest and most prestigious endurance race and this is also the 4th round of the Tour. FIA WEC world champion.

The championships in these two categories went to the AF Corse team riders. In the LMGTE Pro category, drivers Alessandro Pier Guidi, James Calado and Côme Ledogar took turns driving the No. 51 Ferrari 488 GTE. Drivers Nicklas Nielsen, Francois Perrodo and Alessio Rovera successfully conquered the LMGTE Am category again.

In addition, the Iron Lynx 488 GTE race car driven by Rino Mastronardi, Matteo Cressoni and Callum Ilott also completed the race in the Podium. This is a great success as well as a memorable achievement for the racing teams and the Ferrari brand. Three drivers, Nicklas Nielsen, Francois Perrodo and Alessio Rovera, showed dexterity, alertness and talent to win for the AF Corse racing team in the LMGTE Am category. Three drivers drove silver Ferrari number #83 and won for the racing team. Thanks to driver Alessio Rovera accelerating at high speed, the race car gained an advantage, leading to the final victory of this category.

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