Ferrari is returning to the era of V6 racing cars with the all-new 296 GT3 racing car. This racing car is the successor of the new 488 GT3 racing car and is developed on the basis of the 296 GTB and has a 3.0 liter V6 twin-turbo engine that produces about 592 horsepower and 710 Nm of torque.

Ferrari says the engine has some similarities to the production car but has been placed further forward and lowered. This layout has helped lower the car’s center of gravity while increasing torsional rigidity about 10% higher than the 488 GT3.

The team also refined the vehicle’s engine block, adjusted the fluids inside the engine and adjusted and upgraded a number of other details compared to the commercial vehicle’s engine block. Ferrari also worked to reduce fuel consumption but at the same time help the car operate more efficiently. The vehicle is also equipped with a generator attached to the transmission, making it easier for technicians to access.

The car’s powertrain system was developed by a team of engineers specifically for the 296 GT3. The six-speed sequential transmission has a magnesium housing as well as a single-plate clutch with an electronic drive system that can be controlled from the steering wheel. The gearbox is also arranged horizontally for better aerodynamics and weight distribution. The 296 GT3 has an aluminum structure and suspension with double wishbones front and rear, tubular steel swingarm and aluminum uprights and it also has five-way adjustable dampers for added agility. works for the car.

The vehicle is also equipped with a revised and upgraded braking system as it has new discs and brake calipers. The front brake disc is 400 mm in size and has six-piston brake calipers, and the rear brake disc is 332 mm in size and comes with four-piston brake calipers. The car is equipped with a new set of 18-inch Rotiform wheels equipped exclusively for the 296 GT3 racing car..

Ferrari does not say much about the car’s exterior design, but the brand says the car’s design has been optimized with lines to increase the car’s aerodynamics, ensuring the car’s performance. The Ferrari 296 GT3 racing car generates 20% more downforce than its 488 GT3 predecessor and this is thanks to its carbon fiber front splitter and prominent rear spoiler. The car is also equipped with other details such as a large diffuser and carbon fiber engine cover.

Regarding the interior design, these details have been completely redesigned based on input from factory test drivers and customers. Ferrari has moved many controls to the F1-inspired steering wheel, and positioned the driver’s seat to ensure optimal driver visibility day or night. The seat and many other details can also be easily adjusted to suit many riders with different heights or different statuses. Ferrari says the air conditioning system and airflow inside the vehicle’s interior compartment are designed to provide adequate ventilation in all conditions, helping drivers stay focused during every race.

More specifically, the front and rear body panels can be replaced in just a few seconds thanks to a series of devices and solutions that ensure the car can return to the track quickly after any damage. which affects aerodynamics or performance. The 296 GT3 was designed to appeal to both professional racers and wealthy speed enthusiasts. This model will make its first public appearance at the 24 Hours of Daytona race in 2023.

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