In the stages of creating a Ferrari, assembling components also plays an important role. This is a difficult step, requiring smooth and quick coordination between machines and people. Both humans and robots need to work together to refine every small detail to create a perfect finished product, which is supercars and unique Hypercars.

All newly painted frames arrive at the first stage of the assembly line each day, and more than half of these vehicles come in a different paint color, with customers able to customize and choose the colors. Unique Tailor Made. The first stages of the line are fully automated as machinery lifts the chassis into position using large C-shaped hooks. At this point, the cars were essentially separated into top and bottom. The lower part will be fitted with a power transmission system from the engine assembly line, the upper part will also be fitted with an electrical system and then the upper part will be connected to the lower part in the finishing stages.

After being transferred to the production line, the next steps of the car frames are meticulously cared for, from installing important exterior details such as the famous Scudetto emblem to installing complex leather-wrapped dashboards. . Installing the dashboard is a difficult task that requires a specialized robot to be meticulously pulled into the small interior space by the assembler so as not to damage the interior.

At most stages on the assembly line, individual skilled technicians help ensure all screws are tightened and quality checked before moving on to the next vehicle. The technologically engineered steering wheel and seats are carefully placed by technicians using special tools to ensure a precise fit, and the vehicle’s exterior is finished with bumpers secured around it. around the sensors and lights at the front and rear.

In addition, experienced craftsmen also process and cut leather from the best pieces of leather, mark for defects and transfer to cutting machines to complete the seat covers with high quality. the best quality before being wrapped into the seat bones. After leaving the factory, the completed vehicle is ready to be tested and quality checked on many different test tracks before being delivered to the lucky owner.

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