In the latest episode of “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” Dave Turin’s team confronts incessant challenges in meeting their weekly gold target. Despite harvesting a significant amount of gold, the question remains: is it enough to sustain their mining operation amidst relentless difficulties?


Gold Production Disappointment:

The crew, led by Dave Turin, falls short of their weekly gold target, obtaining less than $50,000 worth of gold.

Challenges with Rock Jams:

The team faces repeated challenges with rock jams in their mining process, requiring adjustments and modifications to prevent disruptions.

Mechanic’s Resourcefulness:

Nate, the team’s mechanic, proves invaluable as he efficiently addresses rock jam issues in the remote Alaskan location with limited tools.

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Technical Issues Impact Production:

Technical problems arise with the grizzly box, impacting the efficiency of the mining operation. Loose bolts cause aggressive vibrations, requiring immediate attention.

Unsuccessful Exploration:

Despite significant effort and resources invested in the Cottonwood cut, the team discovers that the gold is concentrated in the top gravels, leading to disappointment and labeling the entire operation as a “waste of time.”

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Ultimately, after substantial efforts and considerable resource investment in the Cottonwood mining area, the team faces disappointment upon discovering that the gold is primarily concentrated in the top layers of soil. This raises the question: are these significant efforts justified by the meager results?

Despite the challenges and setbacks, Dave Turin and his team persist with the belief that each failure is a step forward. Can they overcome these obstacles and uncover a larger gold source in their upcoming explorations? Join us to witness the latest developments in their gold-seeking journey.


Video Source: Screenshot from “Waste Of Time” Dave’s Claim Results In LESS THAN $50K Of Gold! | Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine video by Aussie Gold & Opal Hunters

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