In the vast expanse of the mining world, the Fitzgerald family stands as a formidable force, commanding a domain of claims for over 27 years. Headed by Jack and Cheryl, this tight-knit clan of over 30 relatives operates a strictly family-centric mining business, boasting a diverse portfolio that includes tin, sapphires, and the coveted gold. As the patriarch Jack contemplates selling, a new player enters the scene – none other than Parker Schnabel, a familiar face in the world of gold mining. The stage is set for a critical evaluation as Parker seeks to prove his mettle and gain the trust of the Fitzgeralds.


Fitzgerald Family’s Mining Operation:

The Fitzgerald family, led by Jack and Cheryl, owns numerous mining claims with over 30 relatives working in their strictly family-only business for 27 years.

They mine various resources such as tin, sapphires, and gold, and Jack is considering selling but wants Parker to prove himself.

Parker’s Assessment and Trust Issues:

Parker visits the Fitzgeralds to assess their mining property and faces skepticism about his intentions.

Trust is a crucial factor on both sides, and Parker aims to evaluate the land personally rather than relying solely on others’ words.

Geological Similarities to Yukon:

The Palmer Goldfields, where Parker is exploring, have geological similarities to the Yukon, making it feel like mining at home.

The absence of permafrost in Palmer Goldfields is noted as an advantage for cheaper mining operations compared to the Yukon.

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Discovery of Coarse Gold:

Parker discovers coarse gold on the Fitzgeralds’ land, reminiscent of his grandpa’s place, and expresses excitement about the potential.

The gold is noted for its high purity, reaching up to 98%, making it one of the purest in the world.

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Profitability and Scalability Considerations:

The Fitzgeralds showcase their gold operation, impressing Parker with significant yields.

Parker discusses potential business opportunities and scalability, emphasizing the importance of profitability and scalability in the mining venture.

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As the sun sets over the Palmer Goldfields, Parker Schnabel finds himself at a crossroads of opportunity. The discovery of coarse gold, reminiscent of his grandpa’s days, has ignited a spark of excitement. The geological parallels to his Yukon ventures, coupled with the absence of permafrost, present a promising prospect. However, amidst the allure of pure gold and profitable grounds, Parker remains grounded in his quest for trust, scalability, and a viable business venture. The journey has just begun, and as the team contemplates the potential of the Fitzgeralds’ mining operation, the allure of newfound gold and the complexities of family-owned grounds converge in the pursuit of the next golden chapter in Parker’s trail.

Video Source: Screenshot from Parker Visits Legendary Ground That’s Even Better Than His Yukon Claim | Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail
by Aussie Gold & Opal Hunters

Parker is thrilled when his crew seems to be heading towards a record-breaking year of mining, as their most recent weigh-in brings their total gold payload to over $5.5 million!



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