An extremely rare and beautiful silver-painted Bugatti Centodieci was recently officially launched and is waiting to be handed over to customers. However, before that, this model needs to go through some final stages before leaving the factory. This car requires a test drive with Bugatti’s professional test driver – Mr. Steve Jenny.

Jenny is Bugatti’s longest-serving test driver and has driven more than 350,000 km with Veyron, Chiron, Divo, Centodieci and the unique La Voiture Noire. This test driver is tasked with ensuring that each vehicle operates smoothly, without any problems or defects before being handed over. He has driven about 800 Bugattis since joining Bugatti until now.

For this special Centodieci, the owner finished the car in EB110 Argent silver paint, Jenny drove the car on a familiar route around the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, taking about 5 hours and traveling at least 300 miles. kilometer. The route includes winding mountain roads, motorways and even low-speed runs through small Alsatian villages, all designed to simulate conditions customers are likely to encounter.

Bugatti’s test driver is also responsible for discovering even the smallest differences between the 10 upcoming Centodieci models. In addition to being tested on the street, the Centodieci was also put through various performance tests at local airport runways. These tests include high-speed coasting, emergency lane changes and emergency braking procedures. Jenny also breaks down the material finishes and bespoke details applied to each Centodieci.

Each Bugatti must pass an exhaustive list of criteria before it can move on to the next stage and have the transmission filter replaced, the final set of wheels fitted, any imperfections repaired and the car Complete the final 50km test drive.

Jenny describes: “We actually have to be very careful in creating a Bugatti, especially one as rare and unique as the Centodieci. Since only 10 were made, the opportunity to drive such a special car is so rare that we had to concentrate twice as hard on our final test drive. Ensuring consistent perfection on every Centodieci and every Bugatti is extremely important.”

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