Amidst the majestic landscape of the renowned Western Australian region with its legendary gold mines, the courageous duo of Vern Strange and Leon Marsh, known as Dirt Dogs, embarks on a daring adventure filled with fiery challenges. They not only set an unusual goal for themselves – 600 ounces of gold, but also conquer every harsh aspect of the gold mining profession through their super excavator, Goldzilla. However, can this journey lead to success, or is it merely a path filled with risks and dangers?

The Dirt Dogs are on the verge of achieving their monumental gold target valued at $900,000, thanks to a fortunate gold discovery that propels them past the $500,000 mark

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  • Dirt Dogs, Vern Strange, and Leon Marsh aim to reach a $1 million target by extracting 600 ounces of gold in the Western Australian Gold Fields using their 45-ton drive blower, Goldzilla.

  • Despite facing challenges like flat tires and equipment breakdowns, the team is determined to maximize their gold extraction before their mining rights expire in a few weeks.

  • The 3.5-ton Grizzly, a crucial component of Goldzilla, gets damaged, temporarily halting the operation. However, the Dirt Dogs continue prospecting for potential gold sources on-site.

  • The team makes a significant discovery in an old riverbed, finding nuggets that could contribute to their gold target. Despite concerns about the lack of small gold particles, the results are promising.

  • After a week of setbacks and frustrations, the Dirt Dogs weigh their gold finds, revealing they are only halfway to their 600-ounce target. Financial concerns and the pressure to repay their equipment loan add to the challenges they face in achieving their goal.

In the face of unyielding challenges, the Dirt Dogs stand unwavering, recognizing that it is only through unwavering perseverance and dedication that they can achieve the remarkable milestone of $500,000. On this treacherous and perilous journey, they confront formidable obstacles, ranging from flat tires to the malfunction of the Grizzly. Will Goldzilla serve as the key to unlocking success, or will it mark the conclusion of the Dirt Dogs’ expedition with an unexpected outcome?




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