The strap is an indispensable accessory of the watch. In addition to its inherent function, watch straps also have very high aesthetic value. Harmony, fit, comfort and moreover, the wearer’s confidence depends greatly on the type of strap you are using. The variety of watch straps is increasingly diverse, giving users more choices. The two most popular types of watch straps today are leather straps and metal straps, each type of strap has its own advantages. So should you choose leather or metal straps? Let’s compare these two types of straps with Eterno Watch.

Compare leather strap watches and metal strap watches?

1. Structural characteristics

Metal wire:

From the beginning, people have chosen metal straps for watches rather than any other material because of the beauty and convenience of this material. It can be easily seen that the metal straps in high-end product lines are made from metal materials such as stainless steel, Titanium alloy, Aluminum, gold, rose gold – high-quality materials that contribute to creating luxury. important for the watch.

The structure of a metal watch strap consists of metal samples of equal size connected together by links. The size of the metal strap watch can be flexibly adjusted by removing or attaching additional links to suit the wearer’s hand. The characteristics of this type of wire are strength, durability and brightness because it is made from metal material.


– Durable

– Not sensitive to oxygen or affected by weather (not applicable to cheap metal straps because they easily rust and tarnish over time)

– Easy to clean


– Causes a heavy feeling for the wearer

– Easily scratched after collision or long-term use, causing loss of aesthetics

– Difficult to change wires

Leather cord

One of the reasons many people are attracted to leather strap watches instead of metal strap watches is because of their durability, beauty and high practicality in fashion. If you are a believer in classic style and love softness and gentleness, then perhaps a leather strap watch will be the perfect choice for you. Each watch brand has a choice of suitable leather materials for its “darlings”. Currently, leather watch strap models have very diverse designs but are mainly made from Pu leather or cow leather. More high-end watch brands often choose crocodile or ostrich leather for their products. me. Leather strap watches are a favorite design of many people, especially women, because of their simplicity, youthfulness, and comfort for the user’s wrist.


– Brings a light, soft feeling to the wearer

– Easily adjust the size to suit the user’s wrist

– Suitable for many ages


– Durability is not high because the ingredients are organic substances, so leather straps are easily affected by environmental impacts such as time, temperature, oxidation, etc.

– After a period of use, the skin can cause an unpleasant odor, become loose, peel, etc. if exposed to a lot of water or a moldy environment.

– Not easy to clean

2. Design

When choosing a watch, fashion style is a factor that cannot be ignored. Each type of strap will give the user a different feeling. Normally, a leather strap watch is usually not too fussy, the difference in each strap is reflected in each stitch, structure along with each brand’s advanced technology when processing the leather. Therefore, leather watch designs are often chosen by office workers when combined with trousers and shirts, creating a polite and youthful feeling.

If leather strap designs bring lightness and softness, metal strap watches convince buyers with many diverse choices and styles: Elegant, strong, dynamic and masculine. Besides, the sharpness coming from the shiny shell of the metal strap watch creates elegance and nobility, helping businessmen confidently show their class at important events.

3. Durability

When comparing the durability between leather strap watches and metal strap watches, it can be easily seen that metal strap watches are much more durable. With the feature of being made from standard materials such as 316L and 904L steel, the metal wire is very durable, sturdy, and suitable for many different environmental and climatic conditions.

For leather strap watches, as mentioned above, because they are made of organic substances, even high-quality leather straps cannot avoid environmental impacts.

4. Clean the strap

Because of the water-resistant feature, cleaning the straps on metal watches becomes easy because we can comfortably clean them with clean water. On the contrary, you should only wipe the leather strap with a damp cloth, absolutely do not wash it with water to avoid the strap becoming damp and smelly.

Things to note when choosing to buy a watch strap

Besides choosing the type of strap according to personal preferences, you should pay attention to the following criteria to choose a suitable watch for yourself:

1. Working environment

If you are an office worker whose main job is to work in the office, choosing a wire is easier than ever. However, for jobs that require you to frequently go outdoors where the sun and rain are unavoidable, metal wire is the wisest choice. The characteristics of leather are hydrophobic and high temperature. Wearing a leather strap will create an uncomfortable feeling. After 1-2 months, the strap will peel and become patchy, looking quite unsightly.

2. Sweat

As a person who sweats a lot, even salty sweat, you must absolutely stay away from leather straps and prioritize using metal straps. Sweating often makes the wearer feel stuffy and uncomfortable. In addition, leather straps make pores unable to regulate, causing more sweat to penetrate directly into the strap, causing the strap to smell bad.

3. Wrist size:

One of the important factors when buying a watch is to consider: Is the watch suitable for the user’s wrist?

– For people with large wrists: You should choose a metal strap men’s watch combined with a large watch face to make your hands look more compact and strong, not rough.

– Small wrist, lots of bones: Leather strap watches will be more suitable for your wrist because metal strap watches will make the watch loose and make your wrist look skinny and uncertain.

– Moderate and round wrist: this is the most beautiful wrist so you can freely choose the type of strap for yourself

4. Skin color:

– For people with dark, strong skin, they can choose a metal strap watch to show their strength or a large leather strap watch for their hands.

– For people with light and smooth skin, choose dark leather straps to highlight your skin tone.

Hope this article Comparing watches with leather straps and metal straps will be useful to you.

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