McLaren celebrates 60 years with a special decoration package honoring models that mark the brand’s historical milestones and for many commercial vehicle models such as 750S, Artura and GT…

2023 marks McLaren’s 60th anniversary and the brand has created a 60th Anniversary decoration package for all mass-produced supercars.

Also honoring an important “Triple Crown” milestone in McLaren’s 60-year history, the completion of the Triple Crown – which includes wins in three of motorsport’s most prestigious races – took place 21 years ago. after McLaren recorded its first Indianapolis 500 victory, in 1974.

Victory at the Monaco Grand Prix – a race that McLaren has won 15 times. The record for any manufacturer established Formula 1 in 1984. The milestone achievement was completed in 1995, with the F1 GTR winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the first iconic endurance race by McLaren.

Three exterior paint colors, all honoring McLaren’s Triple Crown winners, are available across the series-production road car range.

Indy Orange is a new color that recreates and modernizes the bright orange color of the 1974 Indy 500 winning M16D. Monaco White is inspired by the primary white color of the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix winning MP4/2. The third paint color is Le Mans Gray metallic, a tribute to the winning F1 GTR from the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Combined with the Triple Crown’s paint color options, there are also paint stripes extending from the center of the hood upward and on the rear wing there are also these two stripes. The underside of the rear wing is painted in a contrasting color scheme with even more Triple Crown lettering, along with a new brake paint color and many changed details.

These stripes are complemented by the McLaren Triple Crown logo at the front and at the rear a graphic of each individual victory year – 74, 84 and 95 represent important wins in motorsport. The special option is only applicable on the 750S, the number of vehicles is limited to 60 units.

The Indy Blue livery was inspired by the Indianapolis 500 victory, the color matching the blue of race number 3 by the winning M16D.

Le Mans Gold reproduces the color of the brake calipers fitted to the legendary McLaren F1 GTR. The new colors are available on the 750S, GT and Artura.

Customers can order the 750S, GT or Artura with Indy Blue brake calipers and rearview mirror covers with a glossy carbon fiber finish, embellished with a kiwi logo with the number 60.

McLaren has many improvements in the interior with 60th anniversary details marked in the center of the Indy Orange painted steering wheel at the 12 o’clock position and carbon fiber rims. There are additional McLaren Triple Crown stripes and a carbon fiber gear lever.

All receive a shiny aluminum logo plate, while the 750S with the Triple Crown stripes package gets a “1 of 60” plate to highlight its exclusivity.

McLarens with the 60th Anniversary trim are available to order for one year, meaning they will cease production at the end of November 2024.

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