Cartier is one of the French jewelry brands highly appreciated for its luxurious, sophisticated design and long history.

Cartier – a luxury jewelry company – was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847 in Paris, France. The company was once honored by King Edward VII as “jewelry for kings” and “king of jewelry”. In 1904, the Santos watch was born, helping the company make a name for itself. Thanks to its luxurious and unique design, the brand is still loved by fashionistas.

Luxuo website summarizes the three watch lines that make Cartier famous.

Cartier opened 2020 with the Maillon de Cartier collection, whose design was highly appreciated by fashion enthusiasts. Artists focus on appearance and creativity. The name “Maillon” in French means “link”, originates from the linked spiral details on the strap.

Maillon de Cartier is a limited edition of Cartier, with a characteristic spiral wire design that the company has used for jewelry. Not as unique and explosive as the Tank de Cartier and Santos de Cartier lines, but Maillon de Cartier still attracts fashionistas, becoming a signature product for the brand. The strap is elaborately crafted, both for telling time and as jewelry. The small, 6.8 mm thick hexagonal dial accentuates the slender wrist.

Luxuo newspaper evaluates Maillon de Cartier as a combination of the femininity of the Panthère watch line, the personality of Santos and the sophistication of Française. Limited collection with 3 versions: gold, rose gold and diamond studded, priced from 25,100 USD

Before Maillon was born, Santos de Cartier was the design that made the brand famous. Accessory made by Louis Cartier, dedicated to astronaut Alberto Santos-Dumont. The name “Santos” also originates from here. This is the company’s first leather strap watch for men, quickly making a splash with fashionistas.

Santos de Cartier uses a unique “deployant” lock, patented in 1909. After that, this type of lock was applied by the company on many products. To this day, Santos is still loved and processed with different materials. A series of Hollywood male stars are fascinated by this accessory such as Chris Pratt, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rami Malek (from left).

In 1918, Louis Cartier gifted the first “Tank” square case watch to American General – John Joseph Pershing. The accessory was crafted to express Louis Cartier’s gratitude to the US-British coalition during World War I. They won thanks to the first tanks of that time.

Compared to Santos, Tank is more popular with women, including celebrities Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana and Catherine Deneuve (from left).

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