Recently, a group of Bugatti Chiron owners had the experience of a lifetime when driving at extremely high speeds and understood the specialness of hypercars compared to other types of cars.

Bugatti is currently using the 3-mile (4.8 km) long runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA to perform some straight-line aerodynamic testing. At the same time, the company also realized that this location was perfect for test driving at extremely high speeds, so it invited 18 Chiron owners here to experience it together.

“Just a few years ago, accelerating a car to 400 km/h required months of careful preparation, the best sports car drivers and favorable conditions,” said Christophe Piochon, president of Bugatti Automobiles. most beneficial. But today, we give our customers the opportunity to experience meticulously crafted and designed Bugatti super sports cars in absolute safety. This is a unique event for only a very few people and most of them even get a chance to experience this with their own car.”

Although Chiron owners participating in this event did not necessarily have a lot of experience with extreme high speeds, they were taken to the tarmac without any specific instructions. All they received from Bugatti was just some advice from test driving experts.

Accordingly, at a speed of 250 miles/h (equivalent to 402 km/h), the driver will travel almost the length of a football field in just 1 second. They will also have to endure vertical forces of up to 1G and must be very careful when controlling the Chiron, letting the car move naturally instead of trying to force it in an absolutely straight line.

Moving so quickly also brings other challenges. For the driver, the image of the horizon in front of him will change much faster than normal thinking, so it is necessary to concentrate highly and even “calculate further”, be ready. for any unexpected occurrences. Besides, the phenomenon of heat fog at a distance also makes it difficult for obstacles to be detected in time.

In addition, car owners also need to bring the Top Speed Key. This is a special device included with Bugatti supercars. When plugged in, it will “unlock” all the car’s features and remove all safety limits as well as automatically adjust the suspension settings for low cars. down, ensuring that the vehicle is capable of reaching a speed of 402 km/h.

Although the 300 km/h mark is something that the Chiron easily reaches within the first 11 seconds, these supercars need the entire remaining distance of the runway to achieve the desired 402 km/h result. want. It’s also important to know that Bugatti set the maximum speed for the Chiron at 420 km/h, so it’s surprising that even a 4.8 km long runway designed to accommodate space shuttles is not enough for the car to touch. to the limit.


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