Bugatti Bolide was once a unique project produced exclusively for operation on the racetrack. This Hypercar model makes a strong impression with its special aerodynamic design and above all, it only produces one vehicle. However, the French brand Hypercar recently decided to commercially produce this high-end racing car model. As expected, the company will produce 40 cars with a selling price of up to 4.7 million USD and will deliver them to customers in 2024.

Producing million-dollar cars is no longer a strange thing for Bugatti, but releasing a racing car worth nearly 5 million dollars is probably a bold decision of the brand and most of all, perhaps Only real players are willing to play to take this masterpiece home. In fact, perhaps when the Bolide is delivered to the owner, it will rarely be operated on the racetrack because the car’s value is too high and this version cannot be used on the street. 

Launched in October 2020, Bugatti Bolide is known as a unique car model at this time. The design of Bugatti Bolide strictly follows the philosophy “Form follows Performace”. With the question “What If” that has aroused much curiosity in the world car industry, Bugatti posed a question and answered it himself: What would happen if Bugatti built an ultra-light car with the same engine? its iconic 8.0-liter W16 engine without any limitations on the weight-to-power ratio.

Recently, there have been rumors that the French brand Hypercar will commercially produce the Bolide line, but no one has confirmed it. Until The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering event within the framework of the Monterey Car Week, the Bugatti brand confirmed and officially announced the commercial production of this extremely special racing car. During this event, Bugatti Bolide also appeared on the display stage and took center stage between the Chiron Super Sport and Chiron Pur Sport.

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti, said: “The launch of the Bolide attracted the attention of car enthusiasts last year and we were surprised to receive many positive feedback from customers. goods all over the world.” Perhaps this is the basis for the Bugatti brand to decide to put Bolide into commercial production to meet the needs of an extremely willing customer base.

The commercial version of Bolide will still retain the original car’s impressive aerodynamic design, however the commercial Bolide will have changes in engine setup as well as output power level. The commercial Bolide’s engine will be able to produce 1,578 horsepower, 1,600 Nm of torque and run on RON 98 gasoline instead of the Concept version’s engine, which is capable of producing 1,824 horsepower. and runs on 110 Octane fuel. The RON 98 fuel chosen by car owners can be easily purchased around the world instead of 110 Octane race fuel.

Bugatti says the car has been tuned to have a higher revolutions per minute better suited to track use along with an intake and exhaust system to achieve faster response for the car’s performance. Operate on the track in a truly optimal and effective way. In addition, the Bolide is also designed to comply with international FIA safety standards with HANS system compatibility, automatic fire suppression feature, pressure refueling with fuel tank, central wheel lock and six-point seat belt.

From the additional settings and equipment, the commercial version of Bugatti Bolide will weigh about 1450 kg, 210 kg heavier than the Concept version. The commercial Bolide will have a weight ratio equivalent to the power ratio of 0.9 kg per horsepower, although higher but still very impressive when compared to the Concept model’s ratio of 0.67 kg per horsepower. Winkelmann said about the car’s settings and additional equipment: “Customer safety is always our top priority.”

According to an announcement from Bugatti, Bolide will be delivered to the first customers in 2024 at a price of up to 4 million Euros (equivalent to about 4.7 million dollars).

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