However, the Bugatti Chiron replacement is still a few years away from official production, this is the true nature of a supercar handcrafted down to every detail.

Achim Anscheidt – Bugatti’s recently departed design director, has revealed that the successor to the Bugatti Chiron is complete. “The car is finished. We delivered the prototype a few months ago and the production tooling will be delivered a few months from now,” the former design director told Autocar.

After 19 years in this role, Anscheidt left the job but still closely monitors the inner workings of leading car brand Molsheim as an advisor to Mate Rimac – CEO of Bugatti-Rimac.

The successor to the Bugatti Chiron is also the last car developed by him leading the design team. For Anscheidt this car is very important, not only that, this is also true for Bugatti, because the responsibility of this model is to bring the brand into a new era.

According to Anscheidt, the successor model is yet to be named and is something that requires a lot of thought, especially on the exterior – “that’s what I’ve tried to learn and understand over the past 19 years at Bugatti and I guarantee Guaranteed that experience will contribute to the development of the car.”

This sounds quite extreme, but it is the brand’s style when it comes to change. The new car will retain the signature elements from the overall styling to the iconic side cutout since the creation of the Type 57 in 1934. Of course, the grille must be horseshoe-shaped.

The new car does not impose any innovation, so the car’s design will not be too stylish or lacking in aesthetics.

The Chiron successor, as well as any other Bugatti product in the next decade, will not be fully electric, but it will be electrified.

Autocar reports that the new supercar will run on a new chassis, which must be “skinnier” than the Bugatti W16 Mistral because it will be equipped with a V8 engine combined with an electric motor. After an 8.0-liter, 16-cylinder engine, a V8 might seem a bit ordinary, but Bugatti will certainly find a way to make it special.

After all, in the words of founder Ettore, “if there was a comparison, it wouldn’t be a Bugatti anymore”.

Bugatti design chief Frank Heyl also told Autocar that the Chiron’s successor will be “even more stunning” than the Mistral, adding: “It will be stunning in terms of proportions, technology, transformation and innovation.” new and unexpected things. It will absolutely blow people’s minds, and it’s a real joy to work on.”

Bugatti-Rimac CEO Mate Rimac has previously stated that the car will be “absolutely crazy”, so we’re pleased to hear that the team members are just as passionate.

Bugatti interior designer Aldo Maria Sica said: “We weren’t expecting anything revolutionary because the cabin was already familiar to previous buyers so it was just a small improvement over what was now available”. Provided by French brand. However, you can hope for a slightly larger screen area.

According to Bugatti, the new supercar prototype will appear in 2024 and the car will officially launch in 2026. According to some old reports, it is expected that Bugatti’s new supercar will be on the market in 2027.

Bugatti is expanding its headquarters before the new car goes into production. Additionally, the attention to detail in each Bugatti product means long wait times. That’s actually a good thing.

Since Bugatti delivers fewer than 100 cars per year, it can continue to sell internal combustion engines after 2035, unlike Lamborghini.

Sadly, the trend toward pure electric vehicles is inevitable at some point. This is the answer to Bugatti’s research on a hybrid car model to replace the Chiron. Besides, Bugatti is no longer chasing top speed records, which could mark the end of an era in many ways.

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