Even though it was launched at the end of 2019, until now, the Hypercar brand from France has just started producing the Bugatti Centodieci model. This means that even though car owners have had to wait more than two years, they will still have to continue to wait patiently to receive their car. Recently, Bugatti announced the completion of Centodieci testing after more than a year. During this period, this Hypercar has undergone many rigorous tests, running a total of more than 50,000 km in the process.

For many months, Bugatti engineers and test drivers collected technical data and gained valuable experience. All this information is shared with Bugatti Engineering’s technical development department for detailed evaluation. The test version of the Centodieci completed a total of 50,000 km of testing when it returned from Nardò in the Puglia region of southern Italy after its final durability test.

A total of three drivers rotated throughout the test to test all the functions of the Centodieci, helping to record any minor irregularities. The test team drove day and night on different track configurations and across all speed ranges, from low speeds to reaching top speeds. The endurance testing process requires the driver to have outstanding technical knowledge, maximum concentration and sensitivity as well as precise control of the vehicle.

Even after many hours at the wheel of a high-speed track, test drivers should still be able to sense even the slightest source of noise, movement and irregularities. Steffen Leicht, responsible for durability testing at Bugatti, said: “The Nardò test center provides ideal conditions for in-depth durability tests for the Centodieci.

This place has a circular racetrack 12.6 km long with a diameter of 4 km, considered the fastest car racetrack in the world, perfect for Centodieci to be able to accelerate to 380 km/h. The 70+ hectare site at Nardò offers 70 km of roads with different surfaces, allowing for extensive testing and inspection of all vehicle components.

On average, the Hypercar Centodieci operates up to 1,200 km per day and is only interrupted for technical checks, refueling and driver changes. The entire time, Bugatti engineers analyze engine and vehicle data and make adjustments when necessary.

Carl Heilenkötter – project manager responsible for unique projects at Bugatti explains: “We evaluate every element on the car one last time, paying special attention to functionality and durability before the cars The first Centodieci goes into production. All parts must interact perfectly with each other and be able to withstand overload situations. Components must also be able to operate reliably and safely even when faced with the most severe handling situations.”

He further revealed: “The Centodieci is deliberately driven to the vehicle’s limits to ensure reliable handling at the highest level, even in extreme situations. Even though most cars never perform to this level, we still have to perform an inspection. This is the philosophy of the brand and that’s why we put so much effort into all this testing. Bugatti is always committed to the highest quality standards, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction.”

The durability tests at Nardò are one of the final stages of extensive testing. As soon as the final evaluation is completed, the first production vehicle will enter production. All 10 cars will be delivered to owners this year, each with a starting price of 8 million Euros.

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