2021 is certainly a very difficult time for the British supercar company – McLaren, because the financial impact of the pandemic forced McLaren to sell its headquarters in Woking at the beginning of the year. today at a price of 240 million USD. However, this does not mean that this brand is discouraged, they are all aware that the fastest way to overcome the crisis is to launch new and more impressive product lines to the market. This argument was further reinforced when not long ago, McLaren was discovered to have no less than 3 trademark applications submitted to the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office.

McLaren is said to be wanting to expand its product portfolio, so it is not too difficult to understand that this is the name of future new McLarens instead of just a special edition based on current car models. Have. Notably, the new names registered by the British car company are not numbers like most current McLaren models. The next generation of supercars will be named ‘Solus’, ‘Aeron’ and ‘Aonic’. ‘. The interesting thing about all three of these cars is the lack of any specific information or connection to past McLarens. This is clearly a good sign for fans as Solus, Aeron and Aonic are all completely new models.

In February 2021, McLaren representative – Mr. Roger Ormisher said that decisions regarding the naming of new car models have not yet been made. Among the brand’s latest models, the Artura hybrid supercar is considered a milestone marking the beginning of an era with names using letters instead of numbers as before.

Currently, there is no information about which specific product lines McLaren will put all three new names into. One thing is certain: Solus, Aeron and Aonic will not be part of McLaren’s Sports Series product line now that this segment has been discontinued. In addition, the British automaker has no plans to follow the SUV path, so many fans believe that the new supercar models will represent the next step in the electrification of the company’s products.

With the current Artura, McLaren places its hybrid child below the powerful seniors of the Ultimate Series product line such as Senna or Speedtail. In addition, the McLaren Artura has a lower price as well as “modest” performance than the gasoline-powered 720S. It can be said that, after registering the name for the next generation of supercars that are about to appear in the near future, McLaren is expected to introduce a hybrid version superior to the Artura or even a supercar. fully electric vehicle.

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