Bomberg watches have created an attraction for young people and defined a new class of watch users. A typical example is the Bomberg BB-01 “Cure The BullDog” watch model – the cannabis leaf symbol in the watch’s design further affirms the uniqueness of the watch brand named Bomberg.

How was the Bomberg BB-01 “Cure The BullDog” watch born?
Marijuana is inherently illegal and “stigmatized” in many parts of the world. However, for watchmakers, the nature of selling wristwatches globally means having to deal with frequently conflicting opinions about the products. And Bomberg chose an image similar to the cannabis plant as the main symbol in the Bomberg BB-01 “Cure The Bulldog” watch model and this product can be loved by those who like cannabis or “ignored”. for those who discriminate against this plant because each person’s and each place’s perception of marijuana is different.

Breakthrough in choosing cannabis as a symbol in design
Swiss-based Bomberg Watches has been creating novel wristwatches, and the BB-01 “Cure The BullDog” is no exception. This is the brand’s first foray into creating a wristwatch for cannabis enthusiasts and is an interesting design that combines politics with the trends of the times. Bomberg isn’t the first watchmaker to create a cannabis-themed watch – nor will it be the last – and it’s interesting how designers tackled the challenge. combining a passion for watches with the rapidly growing international cannabis market.

The reason this design is important to watch companies is because the market for “watches and herbs” will be as big as the market for watches and alcohol, as well as cigarettes. Over the years, watch manufacturers have realized that people who like “the good life” also like watches. Cannabis becomes an appropriate symbol for the design passions of watch brands and will satisfy the needs of cannabis-loving customers.

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Some information about the Bomberg BB01 watch – “Cure The Bulldog”
The BB-01 case and face are an interesting design to appeal to a market sympathetic to cannabis. On the BB-01 “Cure The Bulldog” watch people can enjoy the beauty of the watch and the image of cannabis at the same time. Bomberg implemented modern design, creating a novel watch for cannabis lovers. The watch case is made of 43mm wide steel and can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters. It is similar to the other Bomberg BB-01 collection watches, but it has Indica cannabis leaves laser-engraved on the dial, creating an impressive patterned effect. Another leaf motif appears on the dial, which is a perfect creation of colors: skeleton structure and green cannabis leaves sprinkled in a semi-transparent layer.

The outer watch dial matches the color of the strap with the legibility of a traditional wristwatch. In addition to the luminant on the needles, Bomberg also applied the luminescent substance to the outlines of the cannabis leaves, creating a fun effect. Over the dial is an AR-coated sapphire crystal and another on the caseback with a Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement (operating at 4Hz with about two days of power reserve).

Bomberg is one of the pioneering watch companies that took the cannabis theme as inspiration with the BB-01 “Cure the BullDog” watch and produced only 250 pieces. With new ideas, these watch models are enthusiastically received by young people. With this pioneering step, Bloomberg will be encouraged to produce similar products and will go even further with the cannabis theme and continue to open up new creative directions to combine wristwatches and trends. The world is emerging rapidly.


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