Lamborghini Miura is an important piece in Lamborghini’s history as the first car model built with a mid-engine. At the same time, Miura is also one of the masterpieces written by the great car designer Marcello Gandini with timeless artistic lines. Up to now, the Lamborghini Miura has always been a great desire for the world’s leading car collectors not only because of its historical value but also the artistry of a mechanical work born in the 1990s. late 60s.

763 Miuras were produced in the eight years before the model gave way to the Countach. Each car carries a different story, the journeys as well as historical stories have partly created the value of each car. One of them is the Lamborghini Miura P400 S with chassis number 4761, body number 675 and production number 575. Besides the extremely impressive appearance with the body finished with a bare metal coat, This car has also existed for decades with memorable stories.

Many years ago, this special Miura was owned by a 19-year-old Iranian Berkeley student studying at the University of California. Her family decided to order a Miura from Lamborghini as a way to transfer foreign currency abroad. According to the original agreement, Berkeley would sell the Miura when the car was delivered to her, but Berkeley made a bold decision to keep the car and use it for two years.

After a period of use, the car had an accident and was damaged in some parts. The right front headlight of the car and surrounding parts were damaged by the accident. However, the complexity of the Miura’s design and the intricate shaping of the clamshell aluminum hood were too big of a challenge for local repair shops at the time. The owner of Mateo body repair shop once repaired this part but removed all the original parts in the damaged area.

More than four decades later, the Miura was purchased by a passionate enthusiast who is also an expert in collecting and preserving. He also owns a Miura that was awarded Best Preserved Post-War Car at the Pebble Beach event. Although some parts of the car have been repaired, this collector still decided not to deeply restore the car. This Miura still retains its original details after decades such as the original paint layer or even the Pirelli GR70VR15 Cinturato CN73 tires and a series of accompanying documents. Up to now, the car has only traveled about 25,750 km, a very surprising number for a 50-year-old supercar.

After purchasing the Miura in 2019, this collector recruited a team of experts to bring the car back to its original condition. One of the difficult tasks that took up to 8 months to complete was the reconstruction of the damaged right front of the car, cutting it with metal only when necessary, and the talented restoration team also replaced it. Replace damaged parts with genuine spare parts.

It was this collector who made the bold decision to entrust Chris Morgan to repair the body and completely strip the original paint of the beautiful Miura. With the body panels completely stripped of paint, the appearance reveals a bare metal body, making the Miura’s impressive design lines fully visible, thereby providing a different look at the design. design of a more than 50 year old car model.

In terms of mechanics, the collector turned to Mr. Jeff Stephan – an expert on Lamborghini Miura to repair or replace components when necessary. The vehicle’s fuel tank was removed and serviced, the fuel pipes were restored, the water and oil pumps were rebuilt, and the cooling pipes were made of new aluminum. The engine chain tensioner has been serviced and the valve springs are brighter and readjusted so the bike can run as smoothly as possible. The signature Weber carburetor has also been restored using a proprietary process to the correct color and like-new condition with red inspection marks.​As expected, this car could cost up to 2 million USD when it finds a new owner. This is a truly unique car as few people are “bold” enough to make the decision to completely strip off the exterior paint of a timeless masterpiece. On the other hand, the Miura with its bare metal appearance really brings an extremely high artistic value when the delicate lines of the car’s design are fully revealed.

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