Recently, Aston Martin launched a special edition for the Vantage Roadster convertible sports car. This version is inspired by the brand’s oldest car still in existence, known as the A3 and will turn 100 years old next year.

The A3 is not actually the company’s first car, but it is the “oldest” car the brand still has today. Aston Martin produced this number 3 car 100 years ago at its Abingdon Road facility in Kensington, London. This is one of five prototypes produced for testing before the vehicle begins commercial production.

At that time, the Aston Martin No.3 (A3) was equipped with a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, capable of generating a maximum power of 11 horsepower. It created a record at the Essex Motor Club Kob Hill Climb time trial race as well as reaching a speed of 136 km/h at Brooklands racetrack in 1923. Currently, the company’s unique historical car is owned by the Heritage’s Trust and restored to the condition it was in 100 years ago.

As for the special edition of the Vantage Roadster, the car was specially personalized by Aston Martin’s Q department to help get many details similar to the A3. Limited to just three units produced, this special edition will feature a large radiator grille with black painted square mesh and bright aluminum outer trim.

In addition, the car also has lightweight monolithic wheels, 20 inches in size and painted black. Inside, the brake shackles create contrast when painted bronze. To mark the occasion, the special edition of the convertible sports car is fitted with an old-style logo on the grille.

The cockpit is covered in leather with the main color being black with aluminum details and brown contrast stitching. The classic style Aston Martin logo is placed between the two seats. In the center console, the border is covered in brown leather while the air conditioning system knob clusters are plated with eye-catching copper gold. These details when combined together create a nostalgic look for the car, similar to a 100-year-old A3.

“It is true that this great brand has had the opportunity to celebrate the hundredth birthday of their oldest model in existence and I am delighted that my team has been able to work with AMHT and Aston Martin HWM to create a tasteful yet befitting tribute to our historic predecessor,” said Director of Special Projects and Q Sales, Simon Lane.

Aston Martin equips the Vantage Roadster with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine developed and manufactured by Mercedes-AMG. This engine is capable of producing maximum power of 503 horsepower and maximum torque of 685 Nm, on par with its elder brother DB11. This power is transmitted to the rear wheels of the car through an 8-speed ZF gearbox, thanks to which the car can accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 313 km/h. The new generation Vantage has a perfect weight distribution ratio, 50:50 front and rear with a weight of 1,530 kg.

The convertible version of the Vantage is equipped with an electric folding fabric roof, with a simple Z-method opening and closing mechanism. With this design, the hood can open and close in just 6.7 seconds when the vehicle is stationary and 6.8 seconds when the vehicle is operating.

The Aston Martin Vantage Roadster personalized by Q to pay tribute to the brand’s oldest car model will be limited to only 3 units and sold exclusively at Aston Martin HWM dealership, the company’s oldest dealership in the UK. . The car will be introduced to customers at the 100th anniversary event of Aston Martin No.3 on June 26.

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