Up to now, it has been nearly three decades since the McLaren brand created a “seismic” with the three-seat McLaren F1 car. Even though many years have passed, this supercar with an ageless beauty is still a desire for any car enthusiast. Each McLaren F1 has a different story, and even has different equipment compared to the others. Recently, car enthusiasts around the world had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of one of the most unique McLaren F1s in the world when this car was for sale.

In the past, only 64 McLaren F1s were ever built. About seven months after receiving this car, the owner then had the car serviced and equipped with a High Downforce Kit upgrade along with a set of 18-inch wheels. After upgrading this kit, the car has an appearance similar to racing cars such as McLaren F1 GTR or McLaren F1 LM.

At that time, the car had run 7525 km and to this day, the total distance the car has traveled is still just over 26,000 km. However, the most unique detail on this F1 is not only the upgrade kit but also the experimental headlight set that was built exactly once.

During the production process, McLaren realized the need to improve the functionality of the lighting system to optimize the vehicle’s performance. To do so, they used this car as a way to test a new headlight design with a shorter design, the internal part of which was reused from the BMW Z1 headlight. Although the design yielded positive results, McLaren found an alternative solution that did not require new headlight housings for the remainder of the production process.

To date, this car is currently looking for a new owner and will be sold at auction. In addition, car enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see this car in person as it will be on display in Monterey, California from August 18 to 20. There are many very special cars that will be sold at Monterey at the end of August as a beautiful McLaren Elva, a small go-kart with a design based on the Ferrari F40 to a 1991 Jaguar XJR-15. This McLaren F1 will be sold privately so that’s why. So, the price that buyers have to pay for this car will be a mystery, but one thing can be sure that the amount of money spent will not be small.


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