A leading Irish astronomer has revealed that he has recorded around 40 UFO sightings at his advanced space observatory in Roscommon over the past 22 years.


Eaмonn Ansbro at his oƄserʋatory in Boyle

Eamonn Ansbro at his observatory at Boyle
Dr. Eamonn Ansbro also said that the recent avalanche seen in the US and Canada is not unusual and said that they normally come in waves in certain places.
At Kingsland Observatory, located on Boyle in Roscommon, Dr Ansbro has 11 cameras that are pointed at the sky at all times and record what happens.

Roscoммon OƄserʋatory Has Recorded 40 UFO Sightings - Midlands 103

He said they have installed software that can discount other planes and birds so that it only flags Unidentified Flying Objects which are also known as UFOs.
Dr. Ansbro said: “We actually set up a surveillance system here. It has been operating for over 22 years.
“this is an all sky camera system made up of 11 cameras and we have recorded several UFOs. In my observatory, the system has captured about 40 in total.
“In fact, we have recordings of triangular-type constructions on two occasions, over the years. And we also have a dumbbell-shaped object.”
He added: “there has been a serious attempt to implement research here, which I have been doing for the last 22 years, with some success.
“So we’ve actually told the program to differentiate between birds, helicopters and aircraft.
“the UFO has particular characteristics, which we have also included in the program, which means that we really get the results that we want and we are not ending up with planes, helicopters or birds.”
Leading astronoмer tells of 40 UFO sightings in Roscoммon - and мysterious oƄjects coмe "in waʋes" - Irish Mirror Online
Dr. Ansbro emphasized that sightings do not automatically mean aliens and said that the word UFO has become so closely associated with aliens that they are now known as unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs.
the astronomer said he was open to the idea that other forms of intelligent life could exist somewhere in the universe and said they might even have underwater bases on land.
He believes many people are skeptical about UFOs because there has been little to no official research on the subject for decades, but he said this has changed in recent years.
the astronomer said that many countries around the world have admitted that they are conducting research into what is happening in the skies, including the Pentagon in the US.
Countries are taking note because the objects are becoming a national security risk after pilots encountered a series of close calls.
Eaмonn Ansbro
Eamonn Ansbro at his observatory at Boyle
In recent weeks, the US military has shot down a number of UFOs that were seen in Canadian and US airspace and top officials say they don’t know what they are.
these are separate from a Chinese spy balloon that was also shot down. Last week, Britain’s top air chiefs urged world leaders to stop shooting down UFOs until they know where they’re coming from.
Air Chief Marshal Michael Graydon suggested that destroying suspect ships with fighter jets was not the best way to determine their origin.
Graydon, 84, a former commanding officer of RAF Attack Command during the 1990 Gulf War, said: “Until we know what’s really on them, they’re certainly an irritation, and there’s a good chance he’s got some security equipment.” espionage.