It is a ring with a strange design with an ivory face that Caroline du Colombier’s family found 200 years after Napoleon Bonaparte gave it to her.

This is the artifact that proves the sweet first love of Napoleon Bonaparte, who later became one of the great emperors of France.
Napoleon Bonaparte was then an 18-year-old soldier who met his “first love” Caroline du Colombier when he was stationed near her family’s mansion in the late 1780s.

According to Caroline’s family, the two of them used to pick peaches together in the orchard and walk on the road.

Exquisitely carved 200 year old gold ring

Shortly after the start of their romantic relationship, Napoleon really fell in love with Caroline, who was eight years older than him. He gave a gold ring with an engraved ivory pendant engraved with images of workers picking cherries to his first love, Caroline.

Napoleon was especially fond of Caroline, but their relationship did not progress because he was too shy. After the French Revolution broke out in 1789, Napoleon was gradually promoted to high ranks and positions in the army and did not see Caroline again for 20 years.

Napoleon had a beautiful budding love affair in his youth, before he became Emperor of France (1804-1814), a famous conqueror in the world

During the period of loss of contact, Napoleon married his wife Josephine and became Emperor of France, holding power and domination in Europe from the late 18th century to the early 19th century.

Meanwhile, his first love – Caroline also settled down with a retired general and moved to live in Lyon. But Caroline still carefully kept the last gift given by the old soldier.

In 1805, after participating in the Battle of Trafalgar (a fierce naval battle involving the British Royal Navy, French Navy and Spanish Navy), Napoleon received a letter from Caroline. He stopped in Lyon to renew his friendship with her.

The gold ring has an ivory face engraved with a scene of workers picking cherries

Their friendship was strong until Napoleon’s death. The two corresponded regularly even during his exile on the British island of St Helena.

The 200-year-old gold ring symbolizes the pure, pure love of Emperor Napoleon in his youth and the beautiful girl Caroline.

This rare artifact has been passed down to generations of Caroline’s family for 200 years and will be auctioned on March 26 with a starting price of about 16,000 USD.

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